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Carbon farming with carbon credits

Change is here

Climate change can no longer be argued on its existence, but rather how governments, corporations and citizens can provide a positive change for the planet. However like most things, to see a change there also needs to be a dollar value attached. There now is - it is called a Carbon Credit, which can be bought and sold around the world to offset carbon emissions.

Above average returns

When was the last time you saw Australian land provide returns of potentially 10-15-20%?

Whether you are a farmer, investor, entrepreneur, hedge fund manager or a mining magnate the potential for growth in this field is uncapped. But with changing governments, and piles of legislation, you need to be well versed to crack into what will be an ever expanding industry in Australia’s complacent economy.

How to invest

At Meares & Associates our knowledge of rural property is second to none. Coupled with our relationships in the Carbon market, we can assist your every need from sourcing the appropriate land to aligning you with the right agency to establish your Carbon Farming project.

Now is the time

As in every new market the largest gains are returned in its growth phase, which is where we currently find ourselves. With a new generation of millions becoming more climate conscious than ever before, this will be one sector that will carry Australian rural land into the future.

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to secure yourself a slice of rich Australian Carbon Farming country before it is gone with the wind.

Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or my staff if we can be of any assistance to you.

Kindest regards and happy Carbon Farming!

Chris Meares
Chief Executive