Meares Online Auctions - Rural Property

How Online Auctions Work

Buy or sell your rural property through the power and convenience of online property auctions with Meares and Associates in conjuction with AuctionWorks.

Call us to find out more on 02 9362 8111 or please download our pdf brochure.

Register With Ease

Your first step is to simply register with us and then you will be able to bid.

The duration of an auction can be set anywhere between 1 and 14 days. You will be made aware of the duration before the auction starts. You will also see a starting bid appear. It’s important to note that this is a starting guide, not a vendor bid.

While each bid is visible online in real time along side the bidder’s unique ID number, the bidder’s details remain confidential at all times.With each bid, the system will declare whether the reserve price has been met or not. Each of your bids will be confirmed by email or SMS and you will always be notified if you have been out-bidded.

To ensure fairness, all parties will be sent notifications at the ‘24 hours remaining’ and the ‘1 hour remaining’ points of the auction.

At the Final Call Stage, any bids received within the last 5 minutes will push the clock out a further 5 minutes – that keeps things fair for all bidders.

The Virtual Hammer Falls

If you are the highest bidder at the time the clock runs out and the reserve has been met, then congratulations, the property is yours!

Once the virtual hammer falls there is a binding contract in place. As the successful purchaser, keep in mind no deposit or sale monies are exchanged online, only with us.

If the reserve has not been reached and the property passes in, the highest bidder will immediately be shown the reserve and receive the exclusive right to negotiate an outcome for 60 minutes.

For more information, please download our pdf brochure or contact us on 02 9362 8111.