PRESS RELEASE: Carnegie, Achill West and Highdowns

PRESS RELEASE: Carnegie, Achill West and Highdowns -Carnegie-1

Carnegie, Achill West and Highdowns

As with the rural sector Australia wide, the New England of NSW is seeing a number of significant rural property transactions.

Most recent of these has included the sale of well-known Niangala holding Carnegie. Compromising 7,000 extremely well managed acres, very well improved and in excellent order Carnegie which historically has carried 800 to 900 breeding cows with weaners topping the annual Weaner Sales at Tamworth has been sold, just days after being offered for sale by Expressions of Interest. Whilst the sale price was not disclosed, the marketing agency Meares & Associates had quoted in their press release that “they expected offers in excess of 20 million dollars.”

Other recent sales by Meares & Associates have included Achill West (5,475 acres, east of Armidale) and nearby Highdowns (1,280 acres, also east of Armidale)..


With its combination of high rainfall, strong soil types, regular topdressing, and pasture development, together with excellent farm and living improvements, Carnegie has been extremely well managed over the past 20 years. It is well subdivided into 60 main paddocks with excellent water including a 950mm annual rainfall average together with 15km frontage to the Mulla Creek and 82 dams, with three excellent homes and 3 large sets of remote cattle operating improvements.

Carnegie homestead is an architecturally designed 5 bedroom rendered brick home approx. 15 years old – well supported with an excellent 4 bedroom manager’s residence and 3 bedroom staff cottage.

Rated to carry approx. 18,000 – 20,000 DSE’s Carnegie after 20 years of present ownership, was offered for sale last week on a ‘walk-in walk-out ‘basis, with approx. 385 outstanding Santa Angus cross breeding cows together with replacement heifers, and a very good inventory of plant and equipment.

Achill West

Located east of Armidale this well known New England holding has been extremely well improved over the past decade and has become one of the leading beef breeding properties the New England. With its above average 825mm historic rainfall together with 50 hectares of irrigation, the property has been extremely well improved with regular applications of fertiliser. It has conservatively been rated to carry approx. 16,000 DSE’s.

Current management over the past 4 years has aimed “To increase production by increasing calving weaning weights from 250 kgs to 300 kgs with better genetics, and at the same time increase the optimum herd size from 650 to 850 breeding cows”.


A well improved 522 hectare (1290 acre) property located east of Armidale - with its excellent generic features including strong soils, high rainfall, good improvements and well-watered Highdowns has conservatively carried approx. 5,000 DSE’s - up to 250 breeding cows.

Chris Meares, CEO, Meares and Associates said “These 3 significant New England sales were all based on similar criteria with the buyers looking to purchase high rainfall, well improved country, suitable for either breeding or backgrounding of cattle in the main, but knowing that the properties were versatile and could equally suit a sheep - prime land or wool growing operation.

Meares continued “All 3 properties were extremely well improved and generally conservatively managed, therefore presented extremely well, given the strong seasons and their outstanding generic qualities”.

Meares quoted “Whilst I am unable to disclose neither the individual sale prices nor the buyers’ identities, the sales collectively grossed approximately $45 million - highlighting the strength of the rural property markets, together with evidence that there is a shortage of quality rural properties for sale at present, with a very strong demand for the same.” he concluded.

Meares also stated “ It is interesting to note that the majority of interest in all cases was from private family investors who already own rural property and were looking to expand their operations. Also whilst the vendors were prepared to offer their properties for sale publicly, all three were sold very quickly, shortly after being offered to the market.

Friday November 12th 2021Chris Meares