Growing demand for Aussie Agricultural

Growing demand for Aussie Agricultural-rural-australia-2a

Growing international demand for Australian food products will continue to grow into 2016-2017. The Australian agricultural sector is expected to rise due to increased commodity returns and a heightened interest from national and international investors.

In particular, Australian exports of dairy and meat products are growing due to an increase in middle class consumption in Asian markets seeking quality and trustworthy products. The existing licensing and regulatory environment in Australia is well regarded in Asia.

As cost impediments are reduced, such as the Free Trade Agreements with China, South Korea, and Japan which will phase out tariffs on a range of Australian meat and livestock products.

Australian farmers agree scraping agricultural export subsidies will put them on a level playing field with their competitors from overseas.

In particular, Australian sugar producers and milk producers will benefit.

Wheat growers are capitalising on the increasing market demand from the unexpected cut in wheat planted by US farmers and new markets with Saudi Arabia, whos demand for wheat is growing every year.

All these factors, together with the weakening Australian dollar, Australian food products will be more attractively priced for both retail consumers and the food outlets such as restaurants. 

Friday April 3rd 2020Hugh